Popping sensation in the hand?

ABC7’s The More in the Morning team spoke with Dr. Michael K. Kim, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, about that weird popping sensation in your hand? It turns out that it could be the result of an injury. It could be ECU Subluxation.

What is ECU Subluxation?

Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) is the must ulnar of the muscles of the forearm, and extends from the elbow to the hand, where it joins by inserting into the fifth metacarpal, the bone that leads to the little, or pinky, finger.

When the tendon occupies the wrong space within the sheath or is moved to an extreme degree within this sheath, it is known as subluxation.

ECU subluxation most often presents with a searing pain to the affected area, being the ulnar aspect of the wrist. Snapping can also be felt, as the misplaced tendon interacts with the bones of the wrist where it has been moved.

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