Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast Augmentation With Lift

In this surgery, the breasts are rejuvenated, reshaped and lifted to a more youthful position. At the same time, their volume is increased with the addition of well-chosen cohesive silicone gel implants.

The first step in this procedure requires placing the breast implants in a meticulously dissected pocket in order to give you the volume that you wish to have. The technique for this is identical to the standard breast augmentation procedure and detailed information can be found in the breast augmentation section of this website.

Following the augmentation, the skin of the breast is lifted to support this new volume and the nipple/areola complex is also repositioned in a higher position to enhance the youthful look of your breast.

In general terms, there are a few common types of breast lift, or mastopexy, and they all have their role in breasts with differing needs.

This operation is suitable for breasts with severe laxity and nipples that have dropped significantly. The resulting scar is the same as used for breast reductions. The scars run around the nipple, down the breast and along the infra-mammary fold (breast crease), in an anchor shape.

This technique gives the greatest degree of control of the lift and allows for precise positioning of the nipple areola complex after the breast augmentation component.

The end result gives natural-looking breasts that are increased in volume and rejuvenated in shape.

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Mastopexy/Augmentation (lift plus implants) is performed under general anesthesia and is an outpatient procedure. There is minimal pain after the procedure and this is usually controlled with simple analgesia. Dr. Kim allows showering 24 hours after surgery. A soft supportive sports bra or padded bra can be used post op for about a month.

Most people can return to a level of daily duties the next day, but this can vary on an individual basis so when planning for this surgery we would suggest you plan to have:

  • 10-14 days off work for more physical-type work
  • no working out or heavy lifting for 6 weeks

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