Safe and Effective Mole Removal Procedure for Flawless Skin

Mole Removal

A mole is typically a small spot, mark, or raised area on your skin. This could be a freckle, skin tag, or any small pigmented patch. Under a local injection anesthetic, a mole is generally treated with a shave and cautery technique. This means that a small knife blade is used to remove the mole at the skin level, and then a cautery device is used to stop any bleeding. They often heal imperceptibly, with little evidence of scarring (not always, but surely 99% of the time).


If there is discomfort, it can be relieved with prescribed pain medication. A scab usually will develop, and then heal within a week or two. Also any redness that occurs will disappear within two to four weeks. Most scars that do appear slowly fade over time.

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