Revanesse® Versa™ w/ Prollenium® Elite

Revanesse® Versa™

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For those who are looking to take control of the signs of aging, Revanesse® VersaTM is a multi-purpose dermal filler that leverages state of the art production methods, optimal ingredients and rigorous quality testing to provide remarkable results. Revanesse® is tried and tested, with over 1 million syringes used worldwide since 2002.

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The Versatm Difference

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the primary active ingredient in most dermal fillers, is a naturally occurring substance that can be used cosmetically to correct moderate-to-severe wrinkles and folds in the skin. For natural looking results - Versatm is a remarkably homogeneous filler due to the advanced wet milling technology and proprietary formula. This means that the particles are uniquely spherical and uniform, providing the perfect balance between smoothness and volume.

The spherical particle shape is developed to be accepted by the body and breakdown slowly over time, however, for added longevity, Versatm exclusively uses premium quality Hyaluronic Acid with a notably high molecular weight.

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