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As we age, changes can occur in the upper, mid, and lower portions of the face – different procedures target each of these areas. The mid face lift specifically corrects the ageing changes of the lower eyelids, cheeks and nasolabial regions. The lower face/neck lift corrects these areas too but has a stronger emphasis on the jowls and neck regions. Dr. Kim believes in a very natural appearing face and does not produce a “pulled look” with his facelifts.

Facelift or Rhytidectomy is a procedure which will smooth your skin and tighten underlying muscles and skin to restore and redistribute the fat compartments in the face back to their original (and thus more youthful) position.

A facelift can treat the following signs of ageing:

  • Sagging of the facial skin, particularly in the mid-face
  • Deep creases below the lower eyelids
  • Deep creases along the nose extending to the corner of the mouth
  • Descent of facial fat
  • Facial volume loss with redistribution of facial fat lower down the face than in youth
  • Sagging and loss of definition of your jawline and neck skin

The placement and length of the incision may vary depending on whether other areas such as the neck also need to be addressed. Usually an incision is made in front of or behind the hairline and then just in front of the ear, curving underneath the ear lobule along the back of the ear, and then into the hairline behind the ear.

Neck lifting aims to address the loose skin, muscle and fat that obscure the natural lines that separate the chin from the neck. A separate incision is made under the chin and the muscle under the neck is sutured tight (platysmaplasty) to restore a youthful contour. Liposuction of this area may also be required.


  • Facelift recovery is usually quick. Pain is usually minimal. Dr. Kim will check you the day after surgery and remove bandages. Then you will be able to shower and shampoo your hair 24 hours after surgery. You will need to wear a facial compression bandage for a week to minimize swelling and bruising and support the new contour. Skin stitches are removed between 1-2 weeks after surgery. At two weeks, swelling will be significantly reduced but it will be several months before the result can be fully appreciated.
  • There may be sensations of numbness and tightness that subside as you heal. Any discomfort is usually controlled with simple analgesia.

Truth about Mini-Facelift Recovery Time

Actual Face & Necklift Procedure

Patient gave written and verbal permission to film the procedure. She is doing great and was extremely satisfied with the results.

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