Foreign Body Injuries

What do you do if you get impales or punctured? Well, obviously, that depends. If life threatening where you puncture an artery, call 911. Many small injuries can be cared for at a local Urgent Care facility.

However, Dr. Kim discusses a type of injury that deals with injections. Specifically, being shot in the hand with a paint gun. Surprisingly, many hand injuries from a paint gun end in amputation because of the toxic nature of the paint.

One of the most insidious foreign body injuries derives from a glass shard lacerating the skin, particularly of the hand. More often that one might think, these injuries go much deeper than the skin. They often lacerate nerves and tendons, and it can sometimes be missed in the emergency room.

Take precautions of course but the takeaway message is… if you have a foreign body injury, go see a qualified physician immediately. The quicker you address the injury, the quicker the recovery in most cases.

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