How can breast reductions lead to a better quality of life?

Living with oversized, heavy breasts can be physically and psychologically undesirable. From back and neck pain from poor posture to negatively affect breathing, oversized breast tissue can make physically demanding activities extremely challenging.

Breast reduction surgery is designed to remove some of the volume from your breasts. It is a surgery that comes with an extremely high level of patient satisfaction; those who have this procedure done are almost uniformly satisfied, even relieved.

For women that suffer from oversized breasts, breast reduction surgery can provide many wonderful benefits.

  • Improved Personal Comfort
  • Improved Ability to Exercise and Stay Active
  • Greater Self-Confidence

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Time

As with any surgery, you can expect there to be a little downtime. Most patients report some soreness and fatigue for the first few days after their surgery. The length of your recovery will also reflect the amount of tissue removed; the more major your reduction, the longer it will take for you to feel back to normal.

The typical recovery time is six to eight weeks. That said, most patients can get back to some light activity and around-the-house tasks, within two weeks.

It’s extremely important to wait until you’re fully healed before you return to normal exercise or robust physical activity.

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