Surgery after facial cut

It’s your face… of course you are going to worry about scars from a facial laceration, but not all cuts on the face require a plastic surgeon. Because the face has great blood supply, your body’s own natural healing process can repair even severe cuts with minimal scarring. A lot of results of scarring on the face are largely dependent of the mechanism of injury, meaning whether there is a loss of tissue. In cases where there is a significant amount of tissue loss, a plastic surgeon will be necessary.

In the example on the video where we see the vermillion border, also called margin or zone, is the normally sharp demarcation between the lip and the adjacent normal skin. A plastic surgeon will be required if there is a cut to the facial nerve or damage to the parotid gland, a major salivary gland. In short, many facial lacerations can be repaired by an ER or urgent care center without the need to see a plastic surgeon.

That said, if you are concerned, a follow-up examination by a plastic surgeon never hurt anyone.

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