What can go wrong with "fillers"?

Fillers are one of the most common medical procedures performed but it's important that whoever is doing it is a qualified professional.

We have a name for every “flaw” on the face. Frown Lines, Crow’s Feet, Bunny Lines, Apple Chin, Neck Lines, Marionette Lines, Glabellar Vertical Lines.

There are three classifications of fillers: You have temporary fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and Versa that are hyaluronic acid. You have semi-permanent solutions like Radiesse & Sculptra. And then you have permanent solutions like silicone and fat injections.

This procedure should not be taken lightly and different states have different regulations. For example, in COlorado a nurse can legally inject fillers. In Florida, there's a bit more regulation, filler injection must be either a physician or a PA (physician assistant.)

Typically fillers are used to fight against 4 signs of aging: (1) Thin lips, (2) Temple Creases, (3) Hollow Cheeks, and (4) Marionette Smile Lines

One of the worst things that can happen are called intravascular injections, where someone is accidentally injected into a blood vessel. This can cause many problems including necrosis. Moral of the story: You must seek a professional that knows how to handle any situation and mitigate any potential health risk.

Dr. Michael K. Kim is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Board-Certified in Emergency Surgery and a Board-Certified Hand Surgeon with Associates in Cosmetic Surgery. He has the training and accreditation you should seek when choosing a plastic or hand surgeon.

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